General Information

  • 1ST PLACE FINISHES: 8 (click for list)
  • TOP 10 FINISHES: 67 (click for list)
  • B.A.S.S. EARNINGS: $3,073,653.64 (as of 8/2015)
  • HOMETOWN: Auburn, CA
  • BIRTHDATE: June 30, 1969
  • FAMILY: Kim (wife), Lea, Courtney (children)
  • HOBBIES: Fishing, golf

Q&A with Skeet

What are your Top 2 favorite restaurants to hit along the BASS tourney trail?
There’s a restaurant on the Potomac River in Maryland that’s off the hook. It’s seafood place that brings out cafeteria style platters piled with shrimp, blue crabs, king crabs you make a big mess but oh so good! Theres a place called Craw Mammas at Lake Guntersville Al. that have some great crawfish. They season them really good. They burn going in and out. I’ve got to throw the best sushi house in the country in. Nobu in Las Vegas when fishing Lake Mead. Stupid-sick-freaking awesome food and VERY expensive.

If you can only have 3 CDs to listen to for the next 30,000 miles of driving, what would they be?
The music world is just so crazy, as far as different types. If I bought a CD for everything I liked I would need a bigger car to hold them all. So for me I listen to XM radio the majority of the time or plug my Ipod into the truck. What are my favorite XM channels The City, BPM, Raw, Top 20 hits, channel 30 then I surf from there.

Name three baits you would never leave home without? IMG_6911
The three baits that I would never leave home without are
1) SKT MR crank bait chart/shad
2) Havoc Pit Boss black/blue
3) Havoc Bottom Hopper green pumpkin

Your dream day of fishing?
My dream day of fishing would have to be fishing Clear Lake in the spring time. Usually in April or May whichever month the full moon meets 60 plus degree water. This becomes a sight fishing paradise. For me nothing is more exciting than watching 8-10 ponders tail up and suck your bait in. Most other techniques you just feel the strike, but with sight fishing you see everything leading up to and the strike. Although I wouldn’t mind giving Falcon a try in the spring

Tournament Stats
Years Pro: 17
Top 10 Finishes: 67 (8 wins)
Career Earnings: Over $3 million (BASS/FLW)
Bassmaster Classics: 15
Bassmaster Classic Titles: 1 (2009)
Titles/Honors:BASS AOY (2007), Bassmaster Classic Champion (2009)