Well, All Star week is behind us, and I can’t remember the last time I had to work that hard for three bass over two days of fishing.  We had heard that Shelbyville was going to be tough, but the word tough was an understatement.

The one practice day we had on the lake produced two keepers, so I felt pretty good about my chances.  Then, I found out at our pre event briefing that the area I’d caught them in was off limits.  Oh, well, it was time to do more practicing during the competition.

I managed two keepers for 5-11 on the first day.  I caught one over three pounds on a Redemption spinnerbait and caught another good keeper on a Havoc Pit Boss, that had me in fourth place after the first day, in position to make the cut.

Then, things got tougher.  I went to a bank I wanted to throw a buzz bait on, and when I pulled up, a local pulled in front of me and started fishing towards me.  He ended up catching a nice two and a half pounder in front of me, I guess he needed it more than me.

I lost two of the three keeper bites I got on day two, which ended up costing me making the cut to the semifinals.  I was looking forward to Decatur too. I went up the river where Edwin ended up going during the finals, but was able to get further back because of my Lithionics batteries.  Lithionics Batteries lightened my Stratos Elite 201 / Mercury Pro XS  by 240 lbs in the back end so I’m able to get into shallow water a lot easier.  I caught them pretty good there on our one practice day and was hoping to have the chance to fish it in the semifinals..

I have to say congratulations to Aaron Martens for his win. He worked hard and earned the victory. I’d rather it was me, but he earned it, and deserves it.

The city of Decatur, I’ll. Really welcomed us with open arms.  It was great to see how excited they were about fishing.  I also got to speak to 120 high school anglers who seemed to enjoy it.  It was cool to be there, because it reminded me of me at that age – completely ate up with fishing.  They are the next generation of the sport, I hope they enjoyed it because I certainly did.

Well, I’m off to the TTBC to spend some time other doing seminars for Berkeley on Saturday for four hours and then I catch a flight home to be with the girls.

So, if you’re around Conroe for the TTBC, come say hi. Otherwise, I’ll talk to you later.  Oh, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, I spend quite a bit of my free time tweeting.  I like to hear from the fans on the page, and I’ll even retweet and reply.