I thought the season was busy, but the past couple of weeks have made me feel like George Jetson on the treadmill.

Get me off this crazy thing!

I’m not complaining — not in the least. There’s a lot of fun in the middle of travel. But I look up and I’m somewhere else. First it was Norman, Okla., and the Basszone.com Fish & Chips event, then it was Tulsa, Okla., for Lowrance training.

Last week was a trip to Puerto Vallarta with my boss at Pure Fishing, John Doerr, and his son Ian. We had some great talks. John and I have a lot of similar feelings about business, and I really like the direction he is taking Pure Fishing.

We fished for dorado and tuna and celebrated Ian’s 21st birthday, which was one he’ll remember. He caught a 90-pound yellowfin tuna, had a great dinner and we all had quite a few drinks and shared a lot of laughs.

Then, I came home for a couple of days, and it was off to Clear Lake to take Jerry Aldheizer, the 68-year-old winner of the Lowrance HDS trip, fishing with me. Jerry is from Virginia and had never been to California before. His impression was that everything was like L.A. or San Francisco, so the drive to Clear Lake surprised him with the farmland and rolling hills.

Jerry had his heart set on catching fish on swimbaits, and thanks to some Tournament Talon swimbaits and a dozen or so chunky Clear Lake largemouth, he didn’t leave disappointed. Most of the fish we caught came on the swimbait, and he even left town with a couple of the baits we fished with for the day to try on his home lake, Smith Mountain.

I kind of expected that we’d be able to whack a few on the Clear Lake killer, Lucky Craft LV500 lipless crankbaits, but, thanks to the shad die-off up there, the typical fall bite is off a little. Luckily, with Clear Lake, there are always options, and we figured them out on the swimbait bite.

I always get a kick when people fish with my Wright & McGill Co. Skeet Reese rods; especially those who own high price rods, because most people say they can’t feel a difference. Jerry said a few times how impressed he was with how my Swimbait/Carolina Rig rod handled the 6-inch swimbaits.

We got about 20 bites, and were able to land 12 or 13 of them. None of them was less than 3 pounds, and the biggest was 5 pounds. I think he was happy with the trip because the phone calls home were starting soon after we got off the water.

I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me; I’ll be at my sponsor Monster Fishing Tackle/Outdoor Pro Shop’s new Bass Jam event meeting and greeting and doing a few seminars. It should be a busy weekend full of old friends and new people.

After that, I get on a plane and head to Denver, Colo., for some work with Wright & McGill/TroKar hooks for a couple of days.

Then it’s back home. I truly love my job, but it will be nice to be home with Kim and the girls for a while.