I come home at season’s end with expectation of relaxation and getting back to my hardcore offseason training. But, it always seems that things come up and I’m busier than I expect to be. This year has been no different, and for the most part, I don’t know where the days go. It took me several days to get my workouts underway, but I’m starting to get in a groove.

Back to life…

One of the things I got to do this week was attend a friend’s wedding. Mike Van Wagner, a local boat dealer and longtime friend got married to his fiancée Terri. Kim and I went and got to see a lot of my old fishing friends there. It was really nice to catch up and see some of the guys I grew up fishing with and against.

I’m often reminded of the quality of my sponsor’s products, and sometimes in unusual places – the wedding was one of those. Terri’s son is a U.S. Marine; he noticed the Wiley X Reign sunglasses I was wearing, and wanted to talk about them.

He told me that he wears Wiley X while on duty and that at least 60% of the Marines he serves with wear them as well. He told me that the reason is because of their reputation for their impact resistance and because of the fact that Wiley X has such excellent service.

Wiley X is proud of the fact that they are U.S. Veterans, and they work hard to take care of the men and women of the armed forces who choose to wear them. Having someone stop me at a friend’s wedding and tell me that my sponsors, as well as their products really are as my sponsor represents them – it was a great feeling.

I gave him the glasses off my face to take back with him, it was the least I could do for someone who would give his life to protect our freedom.

We recently ran a video on my website about Wiley X sunglasses and it was really cool to hear him talk about all of the features Wiley X has taught me about their products, in real life example – when life and death matter. See the “Skeet Talks Eyewear” video at my website www.skeetreeseinc.com .

The next two days were spent filming for Wright & McGill Co. and my new Skeet Reese Tessera Rods. We spent Monday in front of the camera all day on Lake Clementine near my home, and will spend much of Tuesday doing voice over.

The filming had two parts to it. First was for a five minute intro and description piece that will be given to dealers across the country talking about the rods. They will be able to use them as point of sale for their customers in stores and on their websites. The second part is a 30-second commercial, and in case you think that all took a half an hour to finish – not even close.

I spent all day on this beautiful little canyon lake with clear water, grass beds; tule lined banks and chunky little smallmouth, and never got to fish.

Such are the rigors of my job – I know, you all feel sorry for me.