I made a whirlwind trip to Kalamazoo, Mich., last week to make an appearance at D&R Sports for their Spring Fishing Days.

Randy VanDam continues to do a great job with the store, the boat dealership and the service out of his shop. His spring event is always a big deal, and people fill the building to meet the pros and hear the seminars each day.

I flew in on Thursday and was met at the airport by Kevin VanDam; he picked me up in his boat and truck and we got to do a little bit of fun fishing for the afternoon. We both talked about how infrequently we get to relax and have a good time on the water without thinking of how the next cast is all about a victory or the Angler of the Year title.

About an hour in, Mark Zona came and joined us after he flew in from taping shows at JM Associates in Little Rock, Ark. About the time he showed up, though, it was over and it was time to go as it was nearing dark.

I got to the store early the next day and did my first seminar at 9:30 to a great crowd. Then Kevin did a seminar, and we started the whole thing over again in the afternoon, with my 2 p.m. session. Again, there was another huge crowd, which was amazing to me for a Friday.

A kind of a funny thing happened during one of my sessions; a guy in the crowd kept asking me questions about fishing a Scrounger head. I know some, but not as much as Aaron Martens. I suggested he come back and see Aaron because he was one of the scheduled attendees for Saturday.

Then I flew home and got ready for Easter with Lea and Courtney. For us, Easter started on Saturday, as we took the girls to a community Easter egg hunt in a little town near us called Meadow Vista. The park there was divided into three sections for the individual age groups, and it was funny to see how my girls responded to the day.

I spent most of the hunt with Courtney, my youngest. She started out OK but soon gathered what she thought was an appropriate number of eggs and announced she was done. When I counted her basket, and she only had six, I encouraged her to keep searching because there were more to get. When she resumed the hunt, all she was interested in were the purple ones.

Contrast that experience with Lea, and the picture is much different. She was running as fast as she could, mowing through the grass in search of as many as possible. I bet she missed more than she found. The whole day was fun. The girls are a never-ending source of entertainment for me and Kim.

We woke up Easter morning to a cold front that brought cold air and winds from the north. However, the Easter bunny managed to deliver the girls baskets, and by the time we went through those and had our own little backyard egg hunt, I think the girls were high as a kite on sugar with about 10 pounds of it left to go.

I think it’s time to ground them from sugar for a while.